zOS Assembler

This assembler for the IBM mainframe is at the heart of our core services for Enterprise customers. The one-to-one relationship between the assembler and machine instructions is not just a requirement of the underlying system provided services and access method APIs but also provides for maximum efficiency in the use of hardware resources while achieving the programmed goal.

The use of such detailed ‘low-level’ programming requires suitable experience if the key requirements of Reliability, Availability and Scalability are to be maintained. In addition suitability of purpose can only come about through the understanding of the architectures and protocols (typically networking) that will form the environment for the programs being developed.

Developed technical structures of this nature can only ever meet the business need if sufficient care is taken with the operational interface, documentation and training. These elements have to be integrated into any project from the outset. Communication with our customers is prized at all times but especially during any program development process.

For specific information about our assembler services follow the links below:

Custom SW
Software constructed to your specification with or without consultative help in defining the spec.
Lists the APIs with which we have in depth practical experience.
No longer sure your assembler source code matches your run-time loadmodule? Assembler source code completely missing? This service is much more than a simple dis-assembler. Using our many utilities we can help you restore the integrity of your run-time environment.
SW Maint.
We can augment and/or replace in-house skills by providing both diagnostic analysis and program fixing services for your own in-house programs.


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