Synesis partners have experience with large corporates, SMEs and for distributed support the SOHO environment.

Technical services are multi-discipline and multi-platform. On the IBM mainframe this ranges from in-depth knowledge of assembler based infra-structure programming such as a light-weight transaction manager, to DevOPs REXX programming, procedure building and/or training. The C programming language is extremely powerful and efficient with easy implementation across multiple platforms making it ideal for all industry sectors. Here we have experience in software protocol relays and/or converters. In the SOHO environment we provide networking and windows end-user support.

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Expect the target pages to link cross component as each adds to the other and boundaries disappear, after all that is Synesis.

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zOS based assembler and REXX programming services!

Small/Medium Business

C based infra-structures, mainframe off-boarding, web support.

Small/Home Office

Networking, Web and Windows end-user skills!