Tivoli™ NetView

Tivoli NetView is available as a stand-alone product or as part of the "IBM Service Management Suite", which as of the September 2018 version 1.5.1 release, now includes:

The key products of this suite (NetView, Omegamon etc) can be accessed through the "Sevice Management Unite" service management dashboard. Together the products provide integrated system and sub-systems management capabilities, including guided operations support, advanced monitoring and reporting structures.

When NetView first appeared, automating and assisting operations was too complex to allow pre-packaged generalized solutions. The first releases therefore provided a plethora of options to enable local customization which then leveraged pre-existing local knowledge such as configurations and naming conventions.

As part of the SMS or stand-alone Tivoli NetView for zOS V6.2.1 has come a long way, often providing generalized solutions for operations, system and network management. However, even with these general systems management solutions there remains vast potential for operational efficiencies and a resulting cost reduction through customization (DevOps) e.g.

All of NetView's early flexibility through customization remains intact. While in-house scripting remains key for all sites, the addition of assembler based customization in the form of command processors, REXX functions and even NetView optional subtasks can provide:

NetView remains an incredibly flexible tool for operations support, customization of NetView allows you to improve operation efficiency by viewing and supporting your environment from a unique business perspective.

If you would like more information about how we can help you maximize your operational support through the use of IBM's NetView then please e-mail us at info@snys.nl