IBM Mainframe

With virtually unlimited memory, hundreds of high performance processors and a capability to shift hundreds of gigabytes of data per second this is computing at the Enterprise level. Use the navigation bar at the left or follow the links below to see the Synesis offerings in this area:

zOS High Level Assembler
High performance, scaleable and resilient programming for the communications server and other APIs.
Custom Software Development
Software constructed to your specification with or without consultative help in defining the spec.
Specialist Area APIs
Describes the communications APIs with which we have worked.
Assembler Source Code Control
Not sure your assembler source code matches your run-time loadmodule? Assembler source code completely missing? Our assembler source code validation and/or recovery service is much more than a simple dis-assembler!
Software Maintenance
Augment and/or replace in-house skills by using our diagnostic analysis and program fixing services for your own in-house programs.
The scripting language of choice on the IBM mainframe. We can write REXX for TSO ISPF, NetView or Batch. We can use REXX transactions for CICS or IMS as a proof of concept. We can add a REXX environment or a tailored function package to existing software.
We can write TSO command processors and build REXX based ISPF dialogues.
We have experience in DevOps, our services can customize your NetView environment using REXX CLISTs and assembler command processors. We can write NetView Exits and add Optional Tasks to interface with existing software.

Or perhaps you'll find the following useful:

Util: Converts the supplied hex character string to equivalent EBCDIC or ASCII characters.
HowTo: Use IEBCOPY to Unload a Partitioned Dataset
FTP VS Datasets
HowTo: FTP Variable Length Spanned Record Datasets
Sockets Programming
Tutorial: Concepts of Sockets Programming with examples using TSO REXX and the HPNS or EZASMI Sockets API

And for training programs:

Describes the training we can provide for mainframe programmers.


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