The Fibaro Home Center 2

Last updated February 2020

Infra-RedNo, is possible via a supported device: Logitech Harmony
TCPIPLibrary of supported devices and otherwise programmable
ZigbeeNo, can be supported via tcpip to other supporting device: NAS or Raspberry Pi to zigbee hub
Max Devices230
ProgrammableYes: IF THEN block logic and Lua (HC2 only)

Fibaro is a manufacturer of quality Z-wave devices (called modules by Fibaro). The Fibaro Home Center controller comes in two flavours (with a third in anticipation). The weaker Home Center Lite lacks the Lua programming interface of the Home Center 2. If you have even the slightest ability to program then the Home Center 2 is the one to go for.

Home automation is achieved through the triggering of scenes created using either IF THEN block logic or the Lua scripting language. Scene triggers can be device on/off, device power change, motion detection, temperature or light level change etc., timed processing is also possible. Global variables can be used to maintain state and when modified can also trigger scenes. Interfaces to non-Z-wave devices are available through "virtual devices", these are provided and maintained by other manufacturers and/or a team of enthusiastic users (via forum). You need to search for specific device support to determine if your preferred non-Z-wave device is supported.

The Home Center has a web browser interface and Apple and Android apps to interface with the controller from local or remote locations. It accepts voice commands from Google Home and Amazon Echo and is compatible with IFTTT. The Home Center can be configured for offsite support by an installer.

Other interesting features include: experimental scene triggering based on geo-location, Voice over IP client functions.

Fibaro runs an active forum with enthusiastic members that are prepared to help, however, the official Fibaro documentation for Home Center configuration and customization is lacking in clarity and detail.

Home Center 3

As of February 2020 the Fibaro Home Center 3 is available with a better processor and more storage. The HC3 includes zigbee support, although not yet supported by the current software release. This support should remove the need for hubs on lighting systems such as Philips Hue and Ikea TradFri, simultaneously reducing the skills needed to manage/automate these systems.

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