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* Web Design Notes *
New article on Thumbnails and Icons, with definitions, techniques and external links to useful free software.
** Domotica **
New alphabetic Fibaro function summary and cross reference.
** Domotica **
Project: Installing a Fibaro-223 powered double switch.
** Tutorial **
A new Concepts of TCP Sockets Programming tutorial.
** Domotica **
New service: domotica design and installation. Google Home, Fibaro, IFTTT, Logitech Harmony.
** New Service **
zOS Assembler Source Code Validation and/or Source Code Recovery. Validates existing assembler source against a production load module or recovers assembler source code from a load module.
* Web Design Notes *
This new web design notes section is used to pass on some of the experiences we have encountered when implementing web designs. See our first article on "Images (Sizing)".
** NetView **
A quick update to our NetView customization service